The Business School that works

Harde Business School is a digital vehicle for educational transformation in Africa and emerging markets, with the primary objective of making Higher Education more value-based, accessible, flexible and affordable.

About Harde

Harde is a collective of carefully curated programs designed to deliver just the right learning experience and advantage to digitally savvy millennials and Gen Zers looking to upskill and certify their understanding in specific knowledge areas. We offer educational qualifications ranging from Proficiency Certifications and Diplomas to Bachelor’s Degrees and Masters.

Our propriety professional learning programs covers technical specializations and soft skills in high demand by employers globally. All these courses are delivered with the novel HARDE learning experience that guarantees immersive comprehension and application to real life problems.

Our Story

In a rapidly evolving and highly disruptive global market, it is no longer an acceptable norm for young professionals and college students to sit out 5 or more years on a physical Campus trying to bag a degree that might likely lose its relevance in the job market before the program is completed. The world around us is changing very rapidly and major disruptions are happening in hardcore sectors like healthcare, finance, agriculture and many others; and education cannot be left behind as this is the foundation of future innovation.

Having grown up in Africa and experienced the significant setbacks with the getting access quality education especially at the tertiary level, Harde Founders decided to create an intervention that will address this challenge. HARDE is particularly focused on driving innovation in Higher Education to deliver quality, affordability, flexibility and access.

We are deliberate about ensuring our content and style of delivery is in tune with present realities of a highly digitalized world and more importantly, prepares learners for the future of work and the work of the future. As we say, virtual is the new reality!

Learning Approach

HARDE combines the most innovative technology, quality curriculum, and a highly interactive learning platform to provide an unparalleled learning experience to users.


A major thrust is placed on practicals and case studies in each program.


The Community of Learners at HARDE provide the needed atmosphere for collaborative learning.


HARDE students have access to qualified career coaches for guidiance and support.

Our Mission

To impact 1million learners
through our programs by 2025

Our Vision

To empower the workforce of
the digital transformation age
in emerging markets

Our Core Values (GRIT)

Grit & Resilience

Our resilience won’t let us settle. If the best is possible, HARDE makes it feasible.


We do everything by leveraging the power of technology.


Nothing of global reckon is birthed with mediocre thinking. We upscale and rework until we arrive at the most compelling and innovative solution.