Personal Effectiveness

The Career Optimiser

The Harde Personal Effectiveness Professional Course is not a list of To-do but a practical guide to a more productive and efficient version of yourself.

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About the Course

Careers grow at the rate of Personal Effectiveness.

Personal Effectiveness is the ability to get the most important tasks done with maximum time efficiency. Without the limitation of time, just about anyone can get any task done, but the ability to carry out high value and high priority tasks within the shortest possible time frame is one that only those who have mastered Personal Effectiveness possess.

As your grow your Career, your tasks, oversight and responsibilities typically increase, but what must increase along side is your ability to optimise time in achieving those time sensitive tasks.

The Harde Personal Effectiveness Professional Certificate is not a list of To-do’s but a practical guide to a more productive and efficient version of yourself.

Key Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will:

  • The meaning of personal effectiveness
  • The techniques for moving quickly through low-value tasks
  • How to create SMART goals which align with your career purpose and vision
  • The key principles of the Grow Model
  • The appropriate coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful environments

The Personal Effectiveness: The Career Optimiser Course at Harde Business School has been specially created and curated by our team of academic practitioners to help equip you with the right blend of theory and practice so you can immediately apply the lessons learned into your job, career, or business.

Buckle your seat belt and get ready to be immersed in the Harde world of interactive learning that will intrigue your mind, challenge your thinking, and transform your results. We call it the WOW Factor!