The Negotiation Playbook

Mastering the Art of Negotiation

Learn how to achieve success in personal and professional negotiations. The negotiation playbook led by Obinna Ukachukwu, Divisional Head at Sterling Bank Plc, this course equips you with essential skills to become a master negotiator. Learn proven strategies from a seasoned expert and unlock the power of effective communication, preparation, and advanced techniques. Enroll now to excel in any negotiation scenario and achieve your desired outcomes.

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4 weeks

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About the Course

Welcome to The Negotiation Playbook, where we explore the innovative approaches and strategies of the indispensable art of negotiation.

The need for negotiation in this dispensation is a must-have and effective negotiation will always be an advantage in any context. Negotiation speaks to leveraging unique contexts that humans share; different thinking styles, beliefs, wants and aims. These fundamental differences are the source of contention and disagreement, hence the need to hack the negotiation game.

This course will provide you with a profound understanding of negotiation, its practicality, benefits, styles, and process. You will learn to apply strategies that encourage effective negotiations and be open to the traits and qualities that transform you into a natural negotiator. 

Gleaning from the experience, success stories of the facilitator, and real-life case studies, you will gain applicable knowledge and skills that can be applied in a variety of areas, particularly in career and organisational contexts.

This course is an engaging and thought-provoking roadmap to mastering the skill of negotiation. By the course's culmination, you will be well-versed in the art of negotiation, ready to navigate any scenario you face with skill, confidence, and impact.

Key Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will:

  • Define negotiation, discern its core characteristics, and understand the foundation of effective negotiations.
  • Grasp the key stages and processes involved in negotiations and the tactical tools required for seamless negotiations.
  • Understand the two primary negotiation types and the qualities inherent in a master negotiator, such as adaptability, intelligence, and analytical thinking.
  • Use key case studies and real-world scenarios to apply the four strategic approaches to negotiation.
  • Harness the essential elements that drive effective negotiations, positioning you for success in various negotiation contexts.
  • Resolve conflicts using the five distinct negotiation styles tailored to promote effective conflict resolution.
  • Employ negotiation principles to guide daily interactions toward positive outcomes.
  • Practice active listening as a tool to successfully identify the motives of others in negotiation scenarios, elevating your negotiation finesse.

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